With all the dangers out in the world today, you want to take every precaution as a parent to ensure the safety of your child. This includes keeping important records like fingerprints, updated color pictures, DNA samples and educating your children on ways to protect themselves. There are always more ways to further protect your child, one being a dental impression of their teeth. One method we use here in our office is Toothprints.

What Are Toothprints?

Toothprints is a breakthrough system that helps parents and law enforcement have a record of the size and shape of your child’s teeth, the connection of the upper and lower jaws, and salivary DNA. Dr. Anthony Huronand Dr. Judy Kiss-Benke want to help you secure another way to protect your child, so we offer Toothprints at our office in Parma, Ohio.

How Do They Help and What Do We Need To Do?

Dental imprints or impressions are unique to every person, much like fingerprints. Toothprints not only provide a memento and record for parents but also give officials DNA information, scents for tracking dogs and dental identification. They take less than five minutes to complete and can be made during your child’s dental exam and cleaning. Toothprints should be taken multiple times throughout your child’s dental development:

– Around age 3 when primary teeth have erupted
– Around age 7 or 8 when the first permanent molars have erupted as well as upper and lower incisors
– Around age 12 or 13 when all their permanent teeth have erupted

How Do We Get Toothprints?

Give Parma Family Dentistry a call at 440-884-0640 today to set up an appointment with our team to have your child’s teeth examined and have a dental impression taken. Toothprints in Parma, Ohio, is a quick and easy way to take another step in protecting your child, and now is the time to take action. If anything, Toothprints allows you to have a keepsake of your child’s growth and development over the years.