Root canals are needed whenever the nerve becomes dead (necrotic) or infected. This can happen with trauma (hitting the tooth, grinding teeth, biting on something hard), with deep decay that has reached the nerve, or with a cracked or fractured tooth where the nerve has become exposed. In these cases, Parma Family Dentistry will sometimes need to complete a root canal.

A root canal in Parma, Ohio, will help our dentists better rebuild a severely compromised tooth and retain the crown of the tooth. When a root canal is recommended, it is necessary for saving the tooth. The only other option at that point to prevent future pain and infection is to have the tooth removed. Root canal treatments actually have a very high success rate when done by an experienced dentist, from 90% to 97%. Some signs that may indicate the need for a root canal include throbbing pain, pain when biting, and hot or cold sensitivity. Sometimes, there is no discomfort at all, even if there is deep decay or a major fracture. However, the tooth can flare up at any time.

There are two parts to a root canal. Part one involves cleaning out and disinfecting the tooth. Part two involves sealing the tooth to protect it from future reinfection. If either one of these steps is not done properly, the treatment can fail.

We disinfect the teeth with files and irrigants that remove infected tissue and kill bacteria. Then, a sealant is used. A sealant is a medicated, biocompatible material that also helps keep bacteria away long term. After a root canal is done, the tooth needs to be rebuilt and restored to proper shape and function, most often with a crown.

Many patients shiver at the thought of needing to have a root canal treatment done. Many will say they have heard bad stories from their friends or family members who may have had bad experiences after having a root canal treatment.

Patients receiving root canal therapy at our office can find comfort knowing that Dr. Anthony Huron and Dr. Judy Kiss-Benke perform many root canals yearly. The use of proven modern equipment helps with accuracy (minimizing and preventing post-operative pain as well as treatment failure). They also help with speed and patient convenience — most of our root canals are done in one appointment and in less than one hour, which allows for a positive and worry-free patient experience.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy, feel free to send us an email or call the office at 440-884-0640. We would be happy to help.