Our office provides different forms of mouth guards in Parma, Ohio. Each are used to treat different conditions.

Night Guards

It is estimated that about 50% of the general public grind their teeth at night. Symptoms of night grinding can include any of the following:

  • Difficulty opening the jaw
  • Jaw joint clicking
  • Tired jaw muscles in the morning
  • Sore head, neck, shoulders
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Wear of teeth

Some people will clench their teeth instead of grinding. Jaw clenching can be more subtle as the teeth do not show as many signs of wear. A night guard is a conservative option that can be used to treat the above symptoms. If left untreated, severe damage can result in the teeth requiring crowns, bridges, implants or dentures. Let Parma Family Dentistry know if you have any of the above symptoms, and our dentists can help relieve them with a night guard. There are also different forms and types of night guards.

Sports Guards

Up to 80% of currently worn sports mouth guards are ineffective. Some may even be more dangerous than not wearing anything. It is critical to wear a mouth guard during contact sports, especially to avoid severe damage to the teeth. Damage to the dentition can result in distress for both children and parents. It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to restore damaged teeth from trauma and can take years to treat. In addition, restoration treatments often need to be redone or updated multiple times during one’s lifetime. The cost of an acceptable mouth guard is small compared to the overall cost of treating a dental trauma.

Types of Sports Guards

Stock Guards

  • Most inexpensive guards found in sporting goods stores
  • Do not fit the teeth, and any trauma is not distributed well, resulting in severe damage from a blow

Boil and Bite Guards

  • Better adaptation
  • Athletes chew through them quicker
  • Last only a few months and do not provide good protection
  • Upper and lower teeth need to be held together

Vacuum Formed Guards

  • Custom guard made at the dental office, better than the previous options
  • Limited thickness of the guard, so protection still not the best

Laminate Pressure Forming Guards

  • Best and most protective guard
  • Custom guard made at the dental office
  • Ideal thickness
  • Can be customized with names, logos, etc…
  • Most expensive guard

If you have questions about options for mouth guards, contact our office at 440-884-0640 and plan an appointment with Dr. Anthony Huron or Dr. Judy Kiss-Benke.