A crown is a dental treatment used to protect a tooth. It will cover or “cap” a tooth to restore shape, function, strength and aesthetic.

When is a crown needed?

  • When there is not enough healthy tooth remaining to support a large filling
  • When a weakened or cracked tooth needs protection from breaking
  • When a poorly shaped or discolored tooth needs to be covered
  • When a root-canal-treated tooth has lost crucial tooth structure and needs to be covered

Crown materials

Crowns can be made of various materials that differ in strength, aesthetic, cost and long-term longevity. We use materials that result in the best outcomes for our patients. With the advent of newer, stronger ceramics, our dentists can provide more conservative crowns. This means that our dentists will need to prepare (shave off) less tooth enamel. Overall, our dental crowns in Parma, Ohio, are both beautiful and long-lasting.

Plan a crown appointment with our office and see how Parma Family Dentistry can help improve your care. Dr. Anthony Huron and Dr. Judy Kiss-Benke will meet with you to go over your options for restoration and whether a dental crown can improve your smile. Simply call 440-884-0640 for more information and to speak with a member of our team.